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Terralith / Incendium / Nullscale

Custom Biomes Expansion #

Our server features three unique biome expansion plugins, each adding diversity and excitement to specific dimensions for a total of over 100+ new biomes to explore and build your homes in. Explore these immersive additions to the Minecraft world:

Terralith #

  • Description: Terralith introduces an array of captivating biomes to the overworld, enhancing the natural landscape with new environments and possibilities.
  • Explore More: Terralith Official Website

Incendium #

  • Description: Incendium transforms the Nether into a realm of fiery wonders, adding new biomes and challenges to the underworld experience.
  • Discover More: Incendium Official Website

Nullscape #

  • Description: Nullscape extends the possibilities of the End dimension with unique biomes, providing players with fresh adventures beyond just endless Endstone.
  • Learn More: Nullscape Official Website

Pokémon Spawns #

  • Compatibility: Pokémon spawns seamlessly integrate into all biomes introduced by Terralith, Incendium, and Nullscape.
  • Explore Diverse Habitats: Embark on your Pokémon journey, encountering a variety of species across these custom biomes.

For in-depth information about each plugin, including specific features and details, visit their official websites linked above.