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Lootr Overview #

What is Lootr? #

Lootr is a unique plugin on our server that solves the everlasting problem of joining a server late and finding nothing but empty chests on your adventures from someone else already taking the loot. With Lootr, all naturally generating chests you discover in the world have randomized loots per player. No more empty villager or mineshaft chests again! Our server will feel fresh and new for all players.

Key Features #

  1. Randomized Loot Drops:
    • Lootr introduces a system of randomized loot drops, ensuring that players encounter a variety of items during their exploration.
  2. Per Player Loot:
    • No more empty naturally generating chests! Doesn’t matter if someone looted a specific chest 6 months ago you just found- you’ll get your own randomized loot as well.