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Keep yourself safe

  1. Harmony’s Staff will NEVER ask you for your password. Don’t fall victim to this common trick! Report anyone who asks for your password– immediately.
  2. If someone reaches out to you on Discord in Direct Messages and presents themselves as a member of our Staff team- VERIFY it before you engage!
  3. Discord in particular has a problem with DM Bots sending scam links, which can take over your account and therefore will also cause you to send scam links to your friends. NEVER click links in Discord from sites you are not familiar with. Popular scam messages include text about free Discord Nitro or Steam Games.
  4. For In-Game trades, make sure to communicate in chat directly in the game and not elsewhere such as Discord DMs- or at the very least confirm the trade in-game so we have logs of them. This way, Staff can pull the logs and ensure you are refunded if you are scammed.
  5. Never let anyone peer pressure you into something you aren’t comfortable with, and especially don’t let them convince you that YOU are in the wrong. Report suspicious behaviors to staff, and/or ignore them by using /ignore PlayerNameHere in-game. You can also block users on our Discord. YOU ARE NOT IN THE WRONG IF YOU FEEL UNEASY, don’t let anyone guilt-trip you into thinking otherwise.
  6. Never re-use passwords. Always use strong passwords. We recommend password managers!
  7. The only personal information an administrator may ever need is an e-mail address for reasons such as verifying a website account or newsletter subscription or website ticket lookup. Shop purchases can be looked up by transaction ID or Minecraft Username- we don’t need any personal information such as first or last name. Don’t let anyone trick you into handing out personal information