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Staff #

Overview #

Our staff are here to keep you safe and prevent any bad actors from ruining the fun. Below you will find a list of our current staff and a very brief explanation of their role is in keeping you safe. Additionally, all staff are able to review tickets you send in Discord to speed up getting you help- remember to never send personal information, as we’ll never need it for any reason.

Helpers #

Helpers are here to help answer questions and help keep the peace on the server such as preventing troublesome behavior in chat.

Current Helpers:

  • X

MiniMods #

MiniMods come equipped with extra abilities to help investigate issues such as a destroying your home.

Current Moderators:

  • X

Moderators #

Moderators can help catch cheaters and fix potential griefs.

Current Moderators:

  • X

MiniAdmins #

MiniAdmins have access to every command in-game to help with things like replacing missing items or Pokemon, as well as the ability to start or stop the server.

Current MiniAdmins:

  • X

Admins #

Admins have access to the behind-the-scenes files to help fix bugs or review logs to find out what happened to your items or Pokemon.

Current Admins:

  • X

Owner #

The Owner can add new features to the server, fix bugs, and pay the developers and server bills.

Current Owners:

  • Dysthymic (Discord: @dysthymic)