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Auction House

Auction House System #

Overview #

Players can seamlessly buy and sell items and Pokémon from others using the convenient /ah command. Enjoy the freedom to list your items without fees or taxes, and explore cross-server trading within our network.

Auction House Access #

  1. Command Usage:
    • Access the Auction House with the /ah command, opening the gateway to a world of trading possibilities.
  2. Listing Limits:
    • Players can list up to 8 Pokémon/Items simultaneously, while ranked players may list up to 72 items, depending on their rank.

Cross-Server Trading #

  1. Network Synchronization:
    • The Auction House is synchronized with other servers in our network, enabling seamless trading with players on different servers.

Selling Pokémon #

  1. Poke Scrolls:
    • Convert Pokémon into items with Poke Scrolls before listing them for sale. Right-click your Pokémon with a Poke Scroll to transform it into item form.
  2. Item Display:
    • Hover over the item to view all the stats about the Pokémon, ensuring buyers have complete information before making a purchase.

Conversion Process #

  1. Right-Click to Convert:
    • Convert a Pokémon in item form back to its original form by right-clicking with the item. It will be added to an available party slot or sent to the PC if the party is full.
  2. Poke Scrolls Availability:
    • Obtain Poke Scrolls at the Market for super cheap to facilitate the conversion process and enhance your trading experience.