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Quests #

Overview #

Our server features an extensive Quests system that offers players a variety of challenges across different categories. Completing quests not only provides a sense of accomplishment but also rewards players with money or valuable Market Coupons. With approximately 500 unique one-time quests, there’s a quest for every type of player.

Quest Categories #

  1. Mining:
    • Complete tasks related to mining specific blocks to earn rewards.
  2. Farming:
    • Cultivate crops and tend to your farm to fulfill farming quests.
  3. Building:
    • Showcase your architectural skills by completing quests related to building structures.
  4. Lumberjack (Logging):
    • Engage in logging activities, chopping down trees, and completing quests in the lumberjack category.
  5. Enchanting:
    • Enhance your items and gear through enchanting to fulfill quests in this category.
  6. Brewing:
    • Create powerful potions and concoctions to complete brewing quests.
  7. Crafting:
    • Demonstrate your crafting expertise by completing tasks in this category.
  8. Digging:
    • Unearth treasures and complete quests by engaging in digging activities.
  9. Misc:
    • Explore diverse quests, including time played, distance traveled, and reaching specific coordinates on the map.

Rewards #

Players receive rewards in the form of money or valuable Market Coupons upon successful completion of quests. Approximately 500 Market Coupons can be obtained through quests, providing opportunities for players to access special items and blocks in the Market.