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Tournaments System #

Overview #

Get ready for intense Pokémon battles and competitive fun with our Tournaments system! While the system is currently disabled on the server, it will be activated soon to allow players time to level up their Pokémon since it’s a brand new server. Tournaments are held every Sunday, offering players the chance to engage in thrilling battles and compete for exciting prizes.

Tournament Schedule #

  1. Weekly Events:
    • Tournaments are scheduled to take place every Sunday.
  2. Regular Activation:
    • The Tournaments system will be enabled once players have had the opportunity to level up their Pokémon and obtain proper teams.

Tournament Format #

  1. Brackets:
    • Players are organized into tournament brackets, facing off against each other in a knockout-style competition.
  2. Sunday Showdowns:
    • Engage in battles with other players, showcasing your Pokémon and battling skills.
  3. Prizes for All:
    • Prizes are awarded not only to the tournament winner but also to those in 2nd place, reaching the semi-finals, and even participants.

Prizes #

  1. Winner’s Prize:
    • The player who emerges victorious in the tournament claims the top prize.
  2. Runner-Up Rewards:
    • 2nd place, semi-finalists, and participants also receive prizes for their efforts.