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Tree Feller

Tree Feller Guide #

Overview #

Tree Feller is a unique and convenient feature on Harmony that allows players to instantly break entire trees with a single swing of their axe. This feature is triggered by sneaking while using an axe, making tree harvesting more efficient and enjoyable. Additionally, Tree Feller automatically plants a sapling in the old tree’s place, promoting sustainable resource gathering.

Activation #

To activate Tree Feller, follow these steps:

  1. Equip an axe in your main hand.
  2. Sneak (crouch) to enable Tree Feller mode.
  3. Use the axe to break a log block on the base of the tree.

Instant Tree Break #

Once Tree Feller is activated, breaking a single log block will result in the instant removal of the entire tree, saving you time and effort. This is particularly useful for harvesting large forests or clearing space for construction projects. Additionally, it clears out leaves too.

Sapling Planting #

After a tree is felled using Tree Feller, a sapling will be automatically planted in the location of the old tree. This helps maintain the ecosystem and ensures the sustainability of the server’s environment. Players can contribute to reforestation effortlessly while harvesting resources.

Enchantment and McMMO Perks #

Tree Feller interacts with axe enchantments and McMMO perks to enhance the overall experience:

Enchantments #

  • Fortune: Higher efficiency enchantments on the axe increase the drops of logs received.
  • Unbreaking: Unbreaking enchantment reduces the chances of the axe’s durability decreasing.

mcMMO Perks #

  • Woodcutting: mcMMO’s Woodcutting skill can increase the chances of additional log drops from felled trees.