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Trivia #

Overview #

Test your quick thinking skills with our Trivia plugin! Our Trivia plugin offers three exciting game modes that occur every 10 minutes. Test your wits in trivia questions, unscramble words, or showcase your typing speed to claim rewards.

Game Modes #

  1. Trivia Questions:
    • Answer general Pokemon questions to prove your expertise.
  2. Unscramble a Word:
    • Put your word-solving skills to the test by unscrambling Pokemon themed jumbled words.
  3. Typing Speed Game:
    • Race against time to type a specific Pokemon themed word as fast as you can.

Reward System #

  1. One Star Key:
    • Every participant receives a One Star Key for their efforts.
  2. Bonus Rewards:
    • There’s a 25% chance to receive a Two Star Key, a 10% chance for a Three Star Key, and a 5% chance for a Four Star Key.

Winning Criteria #

  • Fastest Response Wins:
    • In each game mode, the player who answers, unscrambles, or types the fastest secures victory and claims the rewards.

Join the Trivia Fun #

Participate in Trivia events every 10 minutes, challenge your mind, and compete for valuable Star Keys. Will you be the fastest and claim the top spot?