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Server Rules (In-Game)

  1. Be respectful and friendly to all players- no hateful or discriminating messages. Language must be kept to a PG-13 rating; no hard swearing (minor words like ‘damn’ are permitted), no excessive swearing, no racism
  2. No advertising other servers/sites, spam(including character spam), persistently begging, all caps, phishing/inappropriate links allowed. You may advertise your in-game services, such as breeding, trading, leveling, etc
  3. No griefing, stealing, or scamming. Find an unclaimed area? Leave it be- be kind.
  4. No hacking, x-raying, exploiting, running/participating in player-ran events that could be considered as gambling (as we cannot verify guarantees to keep people safe), or use of mods to give an unfair advantage. This also includes using alts for boosting and maps that show non-player entities
  5. Do not impersonate others- especially staff

Discord Rules


Website Rules