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PokeClear Guide #

Overview #

PokeClear is a valuable plugin on our server designed to maintain a clean and dynamic Pokémon-spawning experience. This plugin facilitates the removal of wild Pokémon in the world, preventing potential issues with stuck Pokémon and ensuring a fresh new batch of Pokemon to begin spawning. PokeClear does not effect player owned Pokémon.

Features #

  1. Automated Cleanup:
    • PokeClear automatically deletes wild Pokémon in the world at 10 minute intervals.
    • This helps prevent Pokémon from getting stuck or causing disruptions in the game world such as lag if there’s too many Pokemon in the world sitting in unused chunks from players walking around, or too many spawning near somebody who might be away from their computer.
  2. Player Alerts:
    • Players receive alerts at 10 minutes, 1 minute, and 30 seconds before a PokeClear event begins.
    • These alerts serve as warnings to players, allowing them to prepare for the upcoming Pokémon cleanup.