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Wonder Trade

WonderTrade System #

Overview #

Designed to add an element of surprise and variety to your Pokémon collection, WonderTrade allows players to trade their Pokémon for a random one from a pool of 25 diverse species.

Trading Process #

  1. Generated Pools:
    • A pool of 25 Pokémon species is dynamically generated for the WonderTrade system.
  2. Command Usage:
    • Players can initiate a WonderTrade by typing /wondertrade in the chat.
  3. Random Pokémon Exchange:
    • Upon using the command, players trade away one of their chosen Pokémon and receive a completely random Pokémon from the pool in return.
  4. Cooldown Period:
    • There is a 5-minute cooldown before players can use WonderTrade again.

Pool Inclusion #

  1. No Blacklists or Limitations:
    • The WonderTrade pool has no blacklists or limitations, allowing for a diverse range of Pokémon to be included.
  2. Shiny Pokémon Broadcast:
    • When a player adds a Shiny Pokémon to the pool, a broadcast is sent in the chat for all players to see.

WonderTrade Madness Events #

  1. Admin-Run Events:
    • Occasionally, admins run special events called WonderTrade Madness.
  2. Rare Pokemon:
    • During these events, admins forcefully add Legendary and Shiny Pokémon to the pool, giving players increased odds of obtaining rare and valuable Pokémon.