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Table of Contents

Warps #

Overview #

With warps, you can teleport to various landmark areas on our server to access various mechanics!

Available Warps #

  1. /Shop:
    • The main shopping hub which sells hundreds of blocks and items you’d typically expect such as Poke Balls and decoration blocks
    • Teleport to the Shop with the command /shop
  2. /Market:
    • Purchase limited time items and furniture with Market Coupons to liven up your builds and customize your gameplay.
    • Teleport to the Market with the command /market
  3. /Spawn
    • The starting point! Navigate our spawn to collect a diverse range of Pokemon species, find Poke Loot, and interact with other players
    • Teleport the the Spawn with the command /spawn
  4. /Warp Heal
    • Heal your Pokemon at the PokeCenter after a difficult battle
    • Teleport to the PokeCenter with the command /warp heal