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EV Training

EV Training Guide #

Overview #

EV (Effort Value) Training is a feature on the Harmony server that allows players to enhance the stats of their Pokémon by earning Effort Values through specific training. This feature is accessible through the command /evtraining, which opens a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for convenient stat selection and training.

Activation #

To access EV Training, follow these steps:

  1. Type /evtraining in chat.
  2. A GUI will appear, displaying the available stats for training.
  3. Select which stat you’d like to train.
  4. A battle will commence which will award you with your chosen EV stat upon victory.

Stat Selection #

In the EV Training GUI, players can select a specific stat they want to train. The available stats include HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed.

Training Process #

Players can train a selected stat by clicking on it in the GUI. Each training session yields 1 Effort Value (EV) for the chosen stat. This allows players to customize and optimize the stats of their Pokémon based on their preferred battle strategies. A battle will begin, simply defeat the Pokemon and you will be rewarded with your chosen EV.

Tips for Efficient EV Training #

  1. Plan Your Pokémon’s Build: Before starting EV Training, plan the desired stat distribution for your Pokémon to maximize its effectiveness in battles.
  2. Take Advantage of Premium Benefits: If you have a Premium rank, make the most of the 3 EVs per training session to quickly boost your Pokémon’s stats.