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Market #

Overview #

Use the /market command to teleport to this bustling hub of special limited furniture, items, and cosmetics. The Market is divided into two floors, each offering a unique showcase of items and blocks for players to explore and purchase. Items here require Market Coupons to purchase. You can learn more about Market Coupons on our Battle Pass and Seasons wiki page.

Accessing the Market #

  1. Command Usage:
    • Teleport to the Market with the /market command

Two Floors #

  1. Main Season Market:
    • The first floor showcases the main Season, featuring a diverse array of blocks and items. Interact with NPCs to purchase individual items or opt for bundled savings.
  2. Mini Season Showcase:
    • Ascend to the second floor for the Mini Season showcase, highlighting a curated collection of themed items. Interact with the NPC to purchase Mini Season goods.

Interacting with NPCs #

  1. Main Season NPC:
    • On the main floor, interact with the NPC to browse and purchase blocks and items from the current main Season.
  2. Mini Season NPC:
    • Head to the next floor and interact with another NPC to explore and acquire items from the Mini Season showcase.

Purchasing Options #

  1. Individual Items:
    • Choose specific items you desire and purchase them individually from the NPCs.
  2. Bundled Savings:
    • Opt for bundled savings by selecting predefined sets of items offered by the NPCs.