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Battle Pass

Battle Pass System #

Overview #

Embark on a rewarding journey with our Battle Pass system! Spanning approximately 3 months, each Battle Pass season introduces new progress, tasks, and enticing rewards for players. Unique to our server, the Battle Pass is 100% free, providing all players with the opportunity to earn valuable items such as Crate Keys, Legendary Pokémon, and Market Coupons. There is no way to purchase a Premium Battle Pass! You can obtain a Premium Battle Pass for greater rewards by simply joining our Discord and linking your Minecraft account.

Season Duration #

  1. Approximately 3 Months:
    • Each Battle Pass season lasts around 3 months, offering a dynamic and engaging experience with regularly refreshed content.
  2. Reset and Renewal:
    • At the end of the season, all progress, tasks, and rewards are reset and replaced with new challenges and items for the next season.

Free Battle Pass #

  1. Accessible to All:
    • The Battle Pass is available to all players free of charge, ensuring everyone can enjoy the benefits and challenges it brings.
  2. Reward Variety:
    • Unlock a variety of rewards, including Crate Keys, Legendary Pokémon, and Market Coupons, as you progress through the Battle Pass tiers.

Premium Battle Pass #

  1. Exclusive Rewards:
    • Join our Discord and link your Minecraft account to obtain the Premium Battle Pass for free, unlocking additional exclusive rewards.
  2. No Purchase Required:
    • The Premium Battle Pass is not available for purchase; it is a complimentary upgrade for players who link their accounts.

Joining Discord for Premium #

  1. Simple Process:
    • By joining our Discord and linking your Minecraft account, you gain access to the Premium Battle Pass and enjoy enhanced rewards.
  2. No Cost Involved:
    • The Premium Battle Pass is entirely free, offering additional benefits without any monetary investment.