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Advanced Towns Guide

Advanced Town Management Guide #

In this guide, we’ll be going over the more advanced aspects of Towns. These options are entirely optional, as default settings can typically work for anyone to keep their town safe.

Promoting Assistants #

When players join your town, they have very limited permissions and by default are only able to build on their own plots that they purchased from you. You can promote specific players to be Assistants. Assistants can build on nearly any plot to help with town development such as building roads, walkways, and scenery. Assistants may also purchase chunks and list plots for sale other players may purchase, as well as inviting members to join your town.

  1. /town add [player] [rank]:
    • Promote a player to a specific rank within your town such as Assistant.
  2. /town rank remove [player]:
    • Demote a player from their current rank within your town.

Managing Plots #

  1. /plot claim:
    • Claim an unowned plot within your town.
  2. /plot unclaim:
    • Unclaim a plot owned by your town.
  3. /plot set perm [friend/ally/outsider] [perm] [on/off]:
    • Adjust permissions for a specific plot, specifying the player type (friend, ally, or outsider), the permission, and whether it should be turned on or off.

    Example: /plot set perm friend build on

  4. /plot set perm reset:
    • Reset plot permissions to the default settings.

Listing a Plot for Sale #

  1. /plot fs sale [amount]:
    • List a plot for sale or eviction with a specified amount. The plot will be available for purchase at the specified price.

    Example: /plot fs sale 100

  2. /plot fs off:
    • Disable the sale of a plot. This removes the plot from the market.

    Example: /plot fs off

Changing a Plot Type #

  1. /plot set type [type]:
    • Change the type of a plot to a specified type. Common plot types include:
      • wilds: Open wilderness for claiming.
      • arena: Plots designated for arena purposes where players can engage in pvp for fun.
      • embassy: Plots for foreign embassies.

    Example: /plot set type shop

  2. /plot set reset:
    • Reset the plot type to the default type.

    Example: /plot set reset

  3. /plot set perm reset:
    • Reset plot permissions to the default settings after changing the plot type.

    Example: /plot set perm reset