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Nation Basics

Nations Basics #

Overview #

Explore the collaborative world of Towny Nations, where towns join forces to form larger entities known as nations. As a new player, grasp the fundamentals of nations with these basic commands to foster cooperation and strategic alliances. Nations are entirely optional and are implemented purely for interacting with other towns- you can allow Nation members access to specific claims to cooperate but we’ll explain that on the Advanced Nations guide.

Creating a Nation #

  1. /nation new [nationname] [capital]:
    • Establish your nation by using this command followed by your desired nation name and the capital town.

Inviting Towns to Join Your Nation #

  1. /nation invite [townname]:
    • Extend invitations to towns to join your nation by using this command and specifying the town name.

Accepting or Declining Nation Invitations #

  1. /nation accept:
    • Accept an invitation to join a nation.
  2. /nation decline:
    • Decline an invitation to join a nation.

Leaving a Nation #

  1. /nation leave:
    • Withdraw from your current nation with this command.

Kicking Towns from Your Nation #

  1. /nation kick [townname]:
    • Remove a town from your nation with this command.

Checking Nation Information #

  1. /nation list:
    • Display a list of nations in the server.
  2. /nation online [nationname]:
    • Check the online members of a specific nation.
  3. /nation [nationname]:
    • Retrieve information about a specific nation, including its towns, capital, and allies.

Forming Alliances #

  1. /nation ally add [nationname]:
    • Establish alliances between nations by adding them to your ally list.
  2. /nation ally remove [nationname]:
    • Dissolve alliances by removing nations from your ally list.

Chat Commands #

  1. /nc:
    • Switch to nation chat, allowing communication with members of your nation.
  2. /g:
    • Use global chat to communicate with players across all towns and nations.