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Cobblemon Breeding Guide #

Overview #

Players can breed Pokémon using the “Very Scuffed Cobblemon Breeding” mod. This mod introduces mechanics for breeding, including the ability to use Ditto and held items. You do not need this mod installed to join or breed. This mod should be considered temporary and will be removed when either Cobblemon or Generations adds a proper integrating system for Breeding.

Breeding Mechanics #

  1. Breeding Partners:
    • Players can use Ditto, the same Pokémon, or Pokémon from the same egg groups as breeding partners.
    • The offspring is the base evolution of the Pokémon.
  2. Inherited Traits:
    • 3 random IVs are inherited from either parent.
    • Friendship and gender are randomized based on the Cobblemon’s gender ratio.
    • Ability is randomized, with hidden abilities supported.
      • 60% chance to pass down if either parent has a hidden ability (configurable).
  3. Shinies:
    • Shinies are obtainable with the same 1/4096 ratio as overworld spawns

Starting the Breeding Process #

Players can initiate the breeding process by typing the command /pokebreed. This command opens a GUI where players can input their chosen breeding pairs and begin the breeding process.

Additional Items #

The mod introduces several items to enhance the breeding experience:

  • Everstone – increases the chance of the mother or Ditto passing down their Nature to the offspring
  • Destiny Knot – passes down 5 IVs of the holder to the offspring
  • Power Anklet – passes down the Speed IV stat
  • Power Band – passes down the Special Defense IV stat
  • Power Belt – passes down the Defense IV stat
  • Power Bracer – passes down the Attack IV stat
  • Power Lens – passes down the Special Attack IV stat
  • Power Weight – passes down the HP IV stat

Cooldown and Rank Benefits #

There is a 10-minute cooldown for breeding Pokémon. However, players with the rank Epic or above enjoy a reduced cooldown of 5 minutes.