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Voting System #

Overview #

Vote for Harmony to earn valuable rewards and contribute to the community by helping us grow! By casting your votes on a list of links, you not only receive immediate rewards but also accumulate points that can be exchanged for special items in the Vote Shop, as well as boosting Harmony’s visibility on various server list sites so we have a higher chance for new players to come and check us out!

How to Vote #

  1. Access Vote Links:
    • Type /vote to view a list of available vote links.
  2. Cast Your Vote:
    • Click on the provided links to cast your votes.
  3. Earn Rewards:
    • For each vote, you’ll receive a Vote Point and a One Star Key.

Vote Points and Vote Shop #

  1. Accumulate Vote Points:
    • Collect Vote Points by voting regularly.
  2. Visit the Vote Shop:
    • Access the Vote Shop by typing /voteshop to redeem your accumulated Vote Points for special rewards such as form changes and more

Top Voter Rewards #

  1. Top 10 Voters:
    • Automatically qualify for Top Voter Rewards if you are among the top 10 voters each month.
  2. Monthly Rewards:
    • Top 10 Voters receive a special set of rewards, including:
      • 5x Four Star Key
      • 5x Three Star Key
      • 5x Two Star Key
      • 5x One Star Key
      • 250x PokeBuilder Tokens
      • 32x Market Coupon.
  3. Top 25 Voter Rewards
    • Top 11 to 25 Voters receive a special set of rewards, including:
      • 1x Four Star Key
      • 1x Three Star Key
      • 1x Two Star Key
      • 1x One Star Key
      • 100x PokeBuilder Tokens
      • 16x Market Coupon.