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PokeBingo #

Overview #

Dive into the world of Pokémon challenges with our PokeBingo system! Players are provided with a Bingo Card accessible through the command /pokebingo. The goal is to catch or defeat the listed Pokémon in a specific order to achieve a Bingo. The more Bingo’s you achieve, the more rewarding prizes you obtain.

Bingo Card Access #

  1. Command Usage:
    • Access your Bingo Card by typing /pokebingo in the chat.
  2. Explore the Challenges:
    • Your Bingo Card contains a set of Pokémon challenges that you need to catch or defeat to mark off spaces.

Achieving Bingo #

  1. Sequential Completion:
    • Complete the listed challenges in the specified order to achieve Bingo.

Rewards #

  1. Bingo Completion:
    • Achieving Bingo rewards players with various items.
  2. Card Completion Bonus:
    • Completing the entire Bingo Card or obtaining numerous Bingo’s unlocks additional rewards, adding an extra layer of excitement.