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Seasons #

Overview #

Dive into the ever-changing world of themes and collections with our Seasons system at the Market! Each main season spans around 3 months, featuring a curated set of items and blocks players can purchase using Market Coupons. Additionally, sporadic Mini Seasons offer unique themes and rewards, lasting from a week to a month. There is usually a Main Season and a Mini Season at any given time.

Main Season Duration #

  1. Approximately 3 Months:
    • The main season typically lasts for about 3 months, offering a comprehensive collection of themed items and blocks.

Mini Seasons #

  1. Sporadic Releases:
    • Mini Seasons vary in release frequency and duration, offering diverse themes and rewards.
  2. “Rerun” Mini Seasons:
    • Occasionally, “Rerun” Mini Seasons bring back items from previous seasons at significantly increased prices.

Bundle Pricing #

  1. Main Season Bundles:
    • Purchasing all main season items in a bundle typically costs between 64 to 128 Market Coupons.
  2. Mini Season Bundles:
    • Smaller Mini Seasons items can often be purchased for about 32 Market Coupons, while larger ones may cost up to 64 Market Coupons.

Individual Purchases #

  1. Flexibility:
    • Buying all items in a bundle is not required. Individual items can be purchased for 1 to 8 Market Coupons each.
  2. Best Value:
    • The bundle containing all items is recommended for the best cost-saving method, especially when aiming to collect all items in a season.

Free-to-Play Player Rewards #

  1. Battle Pass Rewards:
    • Free-to-play players can obtain 192 Market Coupons from the Battle Pass in a 3-month season.
  2. Wednesday Giveaway:
    • Receive a handful of Market Coupons per month from the Wednesday Giveaway.
  3. Quest Rewards:
    • Complete in-game quests for one-time rewards, accumulating approximately ~500 Market Coupons.
  4. Additional Rewards:
    • Market Coupons may also be obtained as rewards in various mechanics such as PokeBingo, PokeHunts, and special giveaways.