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Scrolls System #

Overview #

Unleash the power of Scrolls to customize and enhance your Pokémon on our server! Scrolls are special items that players can obtain through various systems, depending on the season. These coveted Scrolls allow you to make specific modifications to your Pokémon, adding a layer of personalization to your collection.

Obtaining Scrolls #

  1. Seasonal Systems:
    • Scrolls are obtainable through various seasonal systems such as Battle Pass, PokeBingo, PokeHunts, crates, and more.
  2. Dynamic Availability:
    • The availability of Scrolls may vary based on the current in-game season.

Available Scrolls #

  1. Gender Scroll:
    • Change your Pokémon’s gender with the Gender Scroll.
  2. Hidden Ability Scroll:
    • Transform your Pokémon’s ability into its hidden ability using the Hidden Ability Scroll.
  3. Perfect IV Scroll:
    • Max out all Individual Values (IVs) of a Pokémon with the Perfect IV Scroll.
  4. PokeBall Scroll:
    • Modify the ball your Pokémon are contained in using the PokeBall Scroll.
  5. Shiny Scroll:
    • Give your Pokémon a makeover by using the Shiny Scroll to make them shiny.