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[Sticky] Official Harmony Rules

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Hello all! We've decided to clarify the rules a little bit for the new server, and there are also a couple of rule changes.

1. Be respectful and friendly to all players, no hateful or discriminating messages. Keep language PG-13; no swearing, no racism etc. Words like **** are fine; anything worse than that is not.
2. Do not advertise*, spam, persistently beg, all caps**, or post inappropriate and/or phishing links to non-server related content. Character spam is also forbidden - no more than 5 repeats of the same character in a row.
3. Do not grief (even if the land is unclaimed), steal, or scam.
4. No hacking, x-raying, exploiting, running/participating in events that would be considered as gambling events or use of mods to give an unfair advantage. This includes using alts for boosting, and map mods that show non-player entities.
5. Do not use staff rank tags in nicknames or impersonate others.
6. Do not build sky platforms that contain more than 4x4 chunks of unbuilt land - any other chunks on these sky platforms must contain proper structures. Admins may delete platforms that do not comply with this rule in their entirety without warning.
7. Platforms must be open to all players' usage, excluding any areas that may contain structures (which you can restrict as you please). You may not implement any restrictions such as demanding visitors turn over any specific Pokemon that spawn there, unless they clearly spawn inside or on your structures.
8. Do not claim land directly next to another town without their permission
9. No PayDay Farming in PvP
10. No selling in-game items/currency for real world currencies (or currencies on any other server/game). Trading in-game items/currency for things bought from our webstore is allowed; anything else is explicitly prohibited and is a bannable offence.
11. Do not intentionally claim over PokeLoots and block them from others- unless next to or part of your base
12: You may claim wild shrine structures but you must leave access to the shrine itself open to all players if you do so.

*Advertising your YouTube channel is fine as long as you have some content of Pixelmon Harmony.
**You may use all caps for short words out of excitement. Example: YES!

Rule 6 is obviously a new one, and there is nothing worse than going through a nice biome, only to discover that someone claimed half of it, built 3/4 of a massive platform in the air and then left the server - that's why we're clamping down on it. If you wish to build a bigger platform, you will need to build it on the ground (or directly on top of an ocean).

The definition of a "proper structure" - a genuine attempt at building something like a house, a public centre etc. Don't try and pass off tiny dirt huts or cobble huts as proper builds - that won't work. 4x4 chunks is more than big enough anyway - just look at this image for a 4x4 platform:

Rule 7 has been implemented to try and stop the squabbles over platforms - we've all seen it far too many times where an incident occurs because someone caught a legend "without permission". It is totally unfair to carve out a massive chunk of land, especially in rare biomes, and then heavily limit its usage - co-operation should be the name of the game here; this IS Harmony after all!