Current Pokemon League Members
These are the current members of the Harmony Pokemon League! Their current teams will not be shown! And if I do add a team to show it'll be an old team

Current Champion

- Palkia
- Necrozma
- Groudon
- Salamence
- Yveltal
- Arceus

Elite Four

Pixelmon Harmony Pokemon League Rules
Hello Trainers, and welcome to the Pixelmon Harmony Pokemon League!
Have you won against all 18 of the Official Pokemon Gyms? Well, that now means you're ready to challenge the Pokemon League! Win here, and your name will be immortalised in the Hall of Fame!

- Defeat all 18 of the Official Gyms
- Have a strong team of level 100 Pokemon

1. You may not use potions and/or other restorative items.
2. You may use 6 Pokemon.
3. You may only challenge the Elite 4 once per day (starting from when you lose).
4. You must use your own Pokemon.
5. You may not use Pokemon over level 100.
6. You must use the same Pokemon throughout the whole Elite 4 Challenge.
7. You may heal your Pokemon between each Elite 4.
8. minus the legendary restriction (no limits in E4) all E4 rules are the same as gym rules,

I will provide a list of pokes, abilities and moves that cannot be used:
Power Construct
Mega Ray

Journey to Greatness
1. Defeat each of the four members of the Elite 4. (If you lose, you will need to battle all members again the next day)
2. Battle the Champion.
3. WIN and enter the Hall of Fame!

- [champion] tag for the duration of your time as Champion!
- Permanent access to exclusive special texture disguises! (Soon™)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask below or in Discord