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[Sticky] Gym Leader Applications

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As we have recently reset the map, new gym leaders are required. Therefore to avoid confusion, all gym leader apps should be posted here and not on the older thread that is now locked.

Each gym needs a minimum of 1 leader per gym, with 2 being the ideal number of leaders. In certain cases we may have 3 or 4 leaders per gym if time zones overlap.

You may browse the Gym Leader list in this forum, if you see any openings then you may apply for that Gym Leader position.

Please use the following application to apply in this thread:

1. What Gym are you applying for?
2. What Pokemon are in your Gym team?
3. How many hours a week can you commit to playing on our server?
4. Do you have any time restrains (such as can only play on the weekends)?
5. What country do you reside in (for timezone checks)?
6. Your Gym team must all be over level 90 and have a party of 6, have you confirmed your team follows this expectation?

/badges <player>: Opens the inventory containing the Badges of the specified player, or the command user if no player is specified.
/challenge <Gym>: Sends a challenge request to the Gym for a Leader of that Gym to accept. If there are other challengers, the player will be put into a queue to wait until the Leader completes all previous challenges.
/cancelchallenge <Gym>: If a challenger wants to cancel a challenge before it is accepted, this command will remove the challenger from the queue of challengers.
/gym info <Gym>: Gives information on the properties of the Gym specified, including the Gym name, type, level cap, Badge, Gym Leader position, and challenger Gym position.
/gyms: Lists all Gyms, their statuses (open or closed), and all online Leaders for each Gym.
/disqualify <player> <gym>: If a player breaks a rule you can disqualify them. If a player disconnects during battle, you can also use this command to fix the gym being unable to receive new challenges.

The current Gym Managers are gamewizlaker and thegamingAC130

If you are banned while you are a gym leader or applying for gym leader you will be removed or not considered for the role, as gym leaders need to set a role model.