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Cobblemon - Lesser-Known Commands

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/trash - opens a trashbin GUI to place items in to be disposed of
/ah - Auction House
/sell hand
/sell handall - sells all of the specific item that's in your hand and checks inv to sell those too
/sell all - sells all items it can sell in your inventory including pokeballs, bread, ores; things like picks, hammers, etc. can't be sold
/bp - shortened battlepass command
/mail send [username] [message] - leaves a message for the designated player that they can check when they're next online
/enchantinfo [enchantment] - lists the enchant's description, conflicts, what tools it can be applied to
/ecoenchants gui - added enchantment listΒ Β  Disabled atm due to bug
/wt [slot] (--confirm) - wondertrades the Pokemon in that slot for one from the pool
/pbreed - shortened /pokebreed
/pokeshout [slot]
/pokegift [slot] [username] - send player the Pokemon in your specified slot
/poketrade [username] - sends a Pokemon trade request to the designated player, which then opens up a trade GUI when accepted
Can click your Pokemon to offer it for trade if you want, or/and can just click accept on your side with the gray dye when ready
/playershops - can also create a support ticket in to get your shop added, see near the bottom for making villager shops
/fix - shortened /erepair, Legendary and up rank command
/wb - shortened /craft and /workbench, Legendary and up rank command
/ec - shortened /enderchest, Ultimate and up rank command

EV Training
"/ev" and press tab to scroll through, eg. /evhp1
/evtraining - GUI

/checkspawn common
/checkspawn uncommon
/checkspawn rare
/checkspawn ultra-rare
- Cobblemon Spawning Info
- Biome Tags
- Regarding biome tags: can ignore the byg biomes; the minecraft, terralith, cobblemon biomes should hold for Harmony Cobblemon
- For any other specific Pokemon's spawning locations, feel free to ask an admin in-game to check
- If getting error "Unknown or incomplete command", make sure it's one of those four above commands
- If getting error "Nothing can spawn here right now", try making sure you're on the ground, not immediately with a block above you, and on blocks Pokemon can spawn on, eg. no grass in the way

Home teleport points
/sethome [home name]
/home [home name]
/delhome [home name] - alternatively, can override with another sethome
- Infinite sethome tp points on Harmony as always

/towny map hud - enables/disables an auto-updating town map GUI on the right of your screen
/towny map
f3 + g - pulls up chunk boundaries
/t claim - claims the one 16x16-block chunk you're standing in
/t claim [radius]
/t claim [rect/circle] [radius]
/tc - your messages will send into town chat
/nc - your messages will send into nation chat
/g - general chat
/t set tag [tag name] - can shorten your town's tag that appears in chat next to your name
/t rank add [username] [rank] - assistant recommended for people in the town you trust
/plot set shop - for setting the chunk you're standing in to be compatible with villager shops (villager shops-- as in the one sold in 2nd page of /market, not to be confused with regular villager eggs from legendary rank kit)

Any other commands that might be helpful, please feel free to make a mention of it in a /mail send, thanks! πŸ˜€

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