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Battle Points: The Complete Guide

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So, you have been hearing about this little thing called "Battle Points"? Maybe you have checked out ./bp or have gotten some through Bingo/Hunts.

Well don't worry, as I'm here to explain all about them!


What are battle points?

Well battle points are currency earned in different ways, and can be used in the battle point shop!

How do I get them?

Battle points can be acquired in a few different ways!

- Rare Pokequests: 50 BP Grid Custom Icon pokequest rare.png

- Legendary Pokequests: 75 BP Grid Custom Icon pokequest legendary.png

- Pokehunts (./phunt list) Tier 5: 15 BP, Tier 4: 5 BP

- Bingo (one line completion): 5 BP (There are 12 Lines Total, so 60 BP Total)

- Bingo (completion): 100 BP (Plus the 60 BP from before)

- Buying them on the store: Can be bought in different amounts


What can I use them on?

Battle points can be spent in ./bp

Things you can buy with them

- Mega Stones  Abomasite.png Blazikenite.png

- Nature Mints Red mint.png

- Legendary Items (Stuff to craft with and form changing items) Adamant orb.png Gracidea.png

- Z-Crystals and Memories Groundiumz.png Firememorydrive.png

- Certain Competitive Battle Items Leftovers.png Lightclay.png

- Plates Splashplate.png, Restoration Items Full Restore.png, Incenses Rockincense.png, Other Held Items Blackglasses.png, & Evolution Items Protector.png!