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Auction House Guide & How to "Flip" Auctions!

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The Auction House is a player driven market where you can sell items and Pokémon on. You can find crate keys, rare Pokémon, legendaries, scrolls, and even mega stones and battle items!

This guide is going to go through the commands of the auction house, how to use it, and then how to "flip" auctions!


Commands of the Auction House

/ah - opens the auction house

/ah sell [price] - sells the items IN YOUR HAND

/ah sell [price] [slotnumber] - sells the Pokémon in said slot number

/ah search [item name/Pokémon name] - this allows you to search the auction house


Navigating the Auction House

First, the very bottom button is the refresh button. The 2 ones next to it are to go forwards and backwards.

You can see what items you are selling in the bottom left (this is also where you go to cancel items), and pick up expired items to the right of that button.\


How to "Flip" an Auction

Flipping an Auction is buying something at the prices listed, and selling it for a higher price. Being able to do this is a great way to make money, as you can find a lot of stuff being sold cheaply that is worth more.

The most important part about all of it is knowing how much something is worth. Let's take an example, a shiny Rayquaza with 80% IVs at level 100. The value of Rayquaza with these stats is anywhere from about 800k-1mil. The higher IVS and Level of Pokémon, the more expensive it will be. 

If someone puts up this Rayquaza for 700k, I can buy it, then re-list it for 900k. This is known as flipping an auction. 

The best way to figure out the value of Pokémon and items is to look at them on the AH yourself. Using ./ah search, over time you will start to estimate the price range things fall in between. Let's take another example. 

If I had a perfect IV scroll and didn't know the value, I could do ./ah search scroll, and find out what other people are selling them for. At the time of writing this (1/27/23), there is a bunch of scrolls for $325k, some for $350k, and some for $600k. If I wanted to sell mine, I could put it at $320k or even $300k. Going forward, I know the average price is about $325k, and I can choose to sell above or below that price based on what's on the AH!

Speaking of values, what is valuable on the AH?

(Note: This is from what I've seen from spending about a month looking at it)

- Battle-Ready Legendary Pokemon such as: Rayquaza, Necrozma, Dusk & Dawn Necrozma, Groudon & Kyogre, Zacian and Zamazenta, Zygarde, Arecus, and Mewtwo (Battle ready means level 100, great/perfect ivs, good nature, sometimes a held item, and good ability and moves)

- Shiny Legendary Pokémon such as: Yveltal, Mew, Mewtwo, and any listed above

- Scrolls: Hidden Ability Scrolls, Perfect IV Scrolls, Level Scrolls, Hidden Power Scrolls, and Shiny/Form Scrolls are all worth good money

- Popular Pokémon with good IVs or Battle Ready: Garchomp, Metagross, T-Tar, Eevee, Goodra, and any other strong Dragon type are really good to sell.

- Legendary Items: Regi Keys, Orbs, and Form Changing Items can also be sold for decent money

Finally, - Mints: Mints that give +Attack, +SpA, and +Speed are usually the best. Having the - be something that a Pokémon doesn't need (Garchomp with Adamant raises it's attack and lowers it's spa) can make the mint even more valuable. + Def and SpD Mints are alright, but usually not too popular along with neutral nature mints.