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Welcome to Harmony!

A safe and simple method to play Harmony is to download our modpack.

Step 1: Download the Technic Launcher here —>

Step 2: Install our modpack on the launcher by clicking here and then “Install” at the top —>

Step 3: Once you download and launch the modpack, you will see a “Servers” button. Click Pixelmon Harmony to start playing!

If you are having trouble, join our Discord to get some quick help or create a support ticket

Important: Please keep up to date with our #announcements channel! That’s where we announce new things and updates!


Can’t use Technic Launcher?

Shame, it allows you to receive updates as soon as they happen! You can still join with regular Minecraft Launcher with the following steps:

Download the latest jar file from here:

Place it into your .minecraft/mods folder in %appdata%

Make sure you use Minecraft 1.12.2 and Forge 1.12.2! We recommend Forge 2860.


Need more help?

You can join our Discord server and ask for help! Alternatively, you can create a support ticket at