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Generations Preview #1

Hey everyone,

We’re giving an inside look at some miscellaneous changes you’ll be seeing in our upcoming Generations server. Before we dive into that- when release? Well, it’s complicated but we’re expecting it at the end of the month, we’ll have more information for you as more information becomes available to us.

With these changes outlined in this post, and the next posts, please note they are not final and may have further changes and revisions. We’d greatly appreciate your feedback! Now, let’s dive on in!

Battle Pass

ㅤㅤ• The BattlePass is changing from monthly to an actual season (~3 months) and will be in sync with the Main Season of the blocks/items system, we’ll just refer to both the Battle Pass Season and Main Season as Season from here on to limit confusion. They’re now one and the same, synced
ㅤㅤ• We’ll have a new UI with scrollable quests and rewards
ㅤㅤ• We’ll have ~100 quests so there is less continuously repeated quests so they aren’t as boring to complete
ㅤㅤ• We’ll have 99 rewards instead of 9, greatly strengthening our variety of rewards with not having to be limited to 9 slots thanks to a new scrollable UI
ㅤㅤ• Also thanks to a new scrollable UI, we’ll have ~12 weekly quest categories timed around the 3 month system
ㅤㅤ• Perhaps the biggest change is… we’re no longer offering a Paid Premium Battle Pass. After reviewing various feedback, we wanted to make Battle Pass a system and not mimic the monetization mechanic most people seem to dread about Battle Passes with things locked behind paywalls. We tried to mitigate it before by offering similar rewards, but it’s just easier to simply cease it and transform it into a F2P fun and rewarding mechanic
ㅤㅤ• The Premium Battle Pass will still exist, but it will no longer be purchasable with money. Instead, all players can obtain the Premium Battle pass permanently simply by joining our Discord and linking your Minecraft account via a code. This offers players an incentive to join our Discord, and offers the Harmony community more room for growth by expanding our reach to our players so we can inform them of new changes, giveaways, events, and more they might otherwise never see to help increase player retention

Seasonal Blocks/Items & Market

ㅤㅤ• Main Seasons will now be… Seasons and will rotate seasonally (~3 months) and is now time-synced and name-synced with the Battle Pass Season and will both be referred to as Season
ㅤㅤ• Mini Seasons will still exist, and will be called Mini Seasons still, but they’re now completely wild and have no defined date attached to them. Each Mini Season’s timeline for expiration is entirely conditional and will be announced alongside its release. This allows us greater flexibility to squeeze in themes around specific holidays or various happenings in the world without being locked in to a set-in-stone 2 week interval like before. Some may last a week, some may last a month. We’ll let you know how long each lasts when the season is announced
ㅤㅤ• Feedback we’ve collected seems to indicate you guys both quite enjoy the limited-time-only factor of the seasonal goods, while others really wanted something but missed it and it’s gone for good. We’re thinking of occasionally bringing back past seasons for quick one-week reruns with significantly higher prices may be a fair trade off, let us know what your thoughts are
ㅤㅤ• Displaying blocks/items will also now be pretty conditional. We’ll display important things of course, but we don’t need 20 different variations of the same wagon sitting around spawn like we did with the Medieval theme. We just don’t want to clutter up spawn and make it ugly or unintentionally cause lag for players
ㅤㅤ• We’re also experimenting with new ways to purchase these items/blocks rather than the current Villager. We’re thinking of Vending Machines (click for pics) near various sections of blocks/items. Honestly, it takes nearly all day to configure the current Villagers for each season- it’s an absolute mess to set up so currently experimenting ideas. Feel free to drop suggestions, but worst case we can just keep using the Villagers


Please submit your feedback on this survey (click me) if you haven’t already, we’d greatly appreciate it! Or, just dump your thoughts on Discord if you prefer. It’s not too late for any changes, we’re going to be starting on implementing the above shortly so make sure to speak your mind if you have any suggestions. We’ll dive into more mechanics and any potential changes to the proposed mechanics listed above on the next post in a couple days

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