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Hey everyone,

We have some updates for Cobblemon and some 1.12 Generations news

Cobblemon 1.19

Regional forms now spawn! You can capture your favorite Alolans, Galariams, Hisuians, and Paldeans. For those with weird split-path evolutions such as a normal Quilava and Typhlosion/Hisuian Typhlosion, we’re using Evo Stones for now, or time of day. We’ll publish all their conditions shortly

Bees are now harvestable with Campfires

Villagers can now be breed in towns properly

We released Mobile Chests

A new /playershops command to visit player shops

You can now breed Pokemon with /pokebreed

We released Poke Scrolls for cheap in /market ($100 Coin), you can now convert Pokemon to items, so now you can sell Pokemon in your player shops!

We also released EV Reset Scrolls, Gender Scrolls, and Poke Ball Scrolls


Generations 1.12

Our 1.12 server will resume it’s regular refresh cycle starting May 2nd. We’ll have all new crates and rewards once more regularly. Refreshes will continue to occur on the 2nd of each month now, rather than the 1st

Wednesday Giveaways have moved! You can now claim your free Wednesday Giveaway items from our shop under the Misc category.

Within a couple days, there may be a brief ~2 hour window where you may not be able to connect to our 1.12 server. We’ll try to do this late at night to impact as little as possible, but we need to move our domain off of Enjin, as they’re shutting down in about a week. So the IP will be briefly down, but we’ll hook it right back up. This also means our Enjin website will be down, permanently. Visit here or our Discord for all future updates 🙂

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