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Harmony 1.19.2 Release (Cobblemon)

Now that April Fools is behind us, we can safely announce that Harmony is releasing a 1.19.2 Cobblemon server.
When? Tomorrow, April 4th at 4PM EST.

What’s Cobblemon?

Cobblemon is a new Pixelmon-alternative Pokemon Mod with most Pokemon. The main difference is they use blocky Minecraft style models. The battles emulate a Showdown server in-game behind the scenes, so battles are more accurate than ever!

How do I install Cobblemon?


ㅤㅤ• Search Harmony Cobblemon
ㅤㅤ• or enter this:

Minecraft Launcher:
Download the following three mods, plus Forge

ㅤㅤ• Cobblemon (click)
ㅤㅤ• Architectury (click)
ㅤㅤ• Kotlin for Forge (click)
ㅤㅤ• Forge 1.19.2 (click)

You may join with IP:

What’s happening with our 1.12.2 Pixelmon Generations server?

Nothing. It’s staying just how it is until Generations/PokeMod update to 1.19+. So if Cobblemon isn’t for you, you can still play our 1.12 server as normal. Basically we’ll have two servers now. Continue playing 1.12 with, or join the new Cobblemom 1.19 server with

What about my rank?

All ranks have been copied to our 1.19 Cobblemon server. So if you currently have Premium on our 1.12 Pixelmon Generations server, you’ll have Premium on our 1.19 Cobblemon server when you login. Most perks remain the same, only a few have changed due to some commands missing. Kits are different on our 1.19 Cobblemon server- and we expect to add more to kits soon as we add more content.

What features does the Cobblemon server have?


    • Towny
    • McMMO
    • 50+ more Enchantments
    • ~400 Custom Blocks/Items/Furniture
    • Battle Pass, this season everyone can get Mewtwo!
    • Player Shops
    • /shop to buy and sell
    • /market for special items
    • Tree Feller, sneak to activate with an axe
    • Vehicles such as helicopters, planes, cars, submarines, and more
    • Terralith for ~100 new biomes
    • Public EV Training
    • Scrolls
    • Wednesday Giveaways
    • And more!

Some of our staple features are still in development such as Auction House, PokeHunts, etc. We’ll have them ASAP! Voting will be enabled on April 4th.

We hope to see you there!

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