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Our new Website

Welcome to our new website and home for many years to come!

Why a new website?

Enjin has announced they are discontinuing their services on April 30th, 2023. Thus, we’ve created a new website for Harmony! An end of an era with over 18,000 members on our Enjin site and nearly 2 million UNIQUE website views, 10 million forum post views. Thank you all for an amazing history on Enjin and now we look forward to a fantastic future with our self-hosted site.

What about the Vote Shop?

Wednesday Giveaways are being moved to our official Shop and will continue there. Purchasing things with Vote Points has been moved to an in-game system which you can access by running the command /voteshop where all previous Vote Shop items are still available for purchase

What’s the new Newsletter?

Our Newsletter is a new way for us to stay in touch with you, wherever you are in life. We lost a valuable tool allowing us to mass DM all users to let them know what’s happened in Harmony every few months to touch bases on what’s new and reach old players who may be looking to return. We’ve created a Monthly Newsletter system to allow you to sign up as an alternative to that system

With our new self-hosted site & systems, we won’t have to rely on anyone else anymore. We’re even self-hosting all of our own Discord Bots now.

Our Newsletter is designed to be non-intrusive and we promise you’ll only receive an e-mail at most once a month if you opt to sign up. It’s opt-in, not opt-out. Signing up to our newsletter will grant you extra freebies too such as free redemption codes in shop, discount codes, and more. With our Newsletter we can summarize all the major changes we’ve made over the previous one in one quick e-mail, allowing older returning players quick summaries, as well as current players who aren’t quite interested in staying in the loop on our Discord.

Is this all for the new site?

It is a bit barebones currently, but we have a calendar events system coming soon, as well as an entire wiki to document all our features. SoonTM- just wasn’t expecting Enjin to be axed so suddenly, but at least we have core mechanics sorted for now. We’re planning some design changes too, to bring some more pop to the site as it is a little… basic, but it is functional!

What about all the guides/content on the old forum?

We’d love help porting the player-made guides from our old forum to our new one! Simply make an account and help copy over some guides 🙂

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